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AMAZING! i love this pic so the shine and the background,and the fact this pic is WELL!BREAKING MY NECK LOL well,time for t...


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Coated Gems Species Sheet by ShikkaTL
Coated Gems Species Sheet

Coated Gems

A species of demon made of liquid crystal covered in a protective tissue. They are very capable at creating and using magic and spells. The larger their horns are in relation to their body, the more capable they are at learning magic. This does not mean that Coated Gems with small horns cannot cast any kind of magic, but they have a harder time learning it and often end up learning small spells to help them with their day to day life. This also means that a Coated gem with large will not necessarily learn magic.

Hereditary influence: Low

Environmental influence: High

Native to: Hellside

Languages: Prattle, Common, Crystal

Ability to reason: Low to high

Climate preference: Very cold, or humid, but can adapt to other environments.

Found in:  All of Hellside, caves with crystal or rich in spiritual energy, Citrico Arhipelago (Feral Coated Gems reside here.)



Affinities: All coated gems have Crystal as their main affinity, and require it by instinct to keep their liquid bodies balanced inside their protective hides.

Environment and personal studies can help them learn other affinities. The most common are water, earth and aura. More rare ones include sound and lava.

Weaknesses: Sand magic can erode the protective skin, exposing the liquid inside if the magic is too strong. PSI or Gravity magic can also affect the internal liquids negatively.

Coated gems are also very weak to Treachery. when they are aroused [it be by sexual activity or other method], their horns become sensitive and gel like, making them a really easy target to chop off. This will most likely assure their death.

Resistances: Coated gems are naturally resistant to Sound to the point that they void all negative sound magic from their bodies.

Abilities: Coated Gems can stare into other people's aura, which is represented in different colors around them. The aura indicates the mood and affinity (or affinities) of others, which allows Coated Gems to come up with the right approach when facing another creature. They can only stare at it if they concentrate enough on the task.


Physiology and Reproduction

All Coated Gems have a pair of crystalline horns above their eyes. This is the only feature that all Coated Gems have and distinguishes them from other species. The horns are semi translucent, and allow a faint view of the liquid inside of their body.

They do not need to breathe, although they do so in order to feel more "alive".  All Coated gems can successfully live underwater.

Their bodies are made of liquid crystal, which is protected by a thick hide, which is the part that other creatures can see. This hide is extremely durable against physical damage (but the impact still hurts) but fairly sensitive against magic, especially sand. If the hide is broken to the point the liquid inside is exposed, it will start leaking out, causing temporal or permanent damage depending on how much liquid is lost. The thick hide does not heal automatically by itself, so it requires immediate medical attention. Still, Coated gems are one of the best species fit for guard, butler or military duties.

Most coated gems cannot survive without their external bodies. This is because their hide acts as a recipient that compresses the inner liquids. There are rare cases where they can survive outside of their hides. For example, a Coated Gel Beast can balance their body enough to live without it.

Coated gems do not reproduce like most creatures do. While they can also perform in sexual activities, they can only have children if both the Coated Gem and their mate have a true mutual desire for having a child [or children], and require a small piece of the crystal horn of a Coated Gem. The Couple's aura will fuse together temporarily and create a new, small soul, which will then move inside the small piece of horn, which will transform into an egg with a child inside. The result will always be another Coated Gem and the process can take up to 12 months.

Coated gems can eat anything for nourishment, but they prefer fruits and meat. Fruit frogs are a favorite prey of feral Coated Gems. Their only digestive organs are their tongue and stomach, which is basically an entire hollow body.


Additional notes:

The first Coated Gem is called Neocria, which is venerated by other Coated Gems as their creator and even Goddess. Most of them try their best to pay her a visit at least once in their life. Neocria is an excellent teacher and understands her Species better than anyone, so she is the best at teaching them about magic and about their species.

Coated gems are really picky when looking for a mate. Many of them don't even get a mate trough their life. They can rely on reading other's aura in order to find a suitable mate. This is often the safest way to find the right person in their life, since reading auras also allows them to learn if the creature has a positive or negative intent. Coated Gems who ignore this method are more prone to Treachery.


for :iconfloraverse: under the Licence of Creative Commons.

Larinia Ref Sheet by ShikkaTL
Larinia Ref Sheet


a butler under mutton’s command. kind hearted, playful [maybe too much] and a bit curious are qualities that define her. she’s always looking for a new job to do with her husband.

her affinity is wind, and she can create objects out of the wind itself, like gloves, swords and shields, which she uses to do her tasks. the power is limited to only creating objects that are useful for the task, so if her current job is just lifting  and tansporting, boxes, for example, she’ll jusst be able to make gloves and carts, stands for the boxes, etc. but wont be able to create swords and shields, which are combat tools. and vice versa.

she’s also very experienced in physical combat, and really swift and flexible despite her size, girth and [very heavy] weight.

her favorite hobby is cooking, which is also her favorite task. she can make the work of 20 people in the kitchen with just her power!

enjoy :D
for :iconfloraverse:
Clockwork Ref Sheet by ShikkaTL
Clockwork Ref Sheet


a mouse squire with an OCD with time, she aspires to be a wonderful knight mage one day. a paladdin of sorts. she's Chrono's squire.

she’s a feathery mouse, basically a mouse with two feathers attached to her head. 

her affinities are aura and light, and she has two basic time spells.

the first spell is called Tick Tock Stop. when Clockwork turns her sword 45 degrees in the oposite direction of the clock, it creates an aura time field around her in an one meter diameter. whatever touches the field has its time slowed almost completely. it would be possible to see a hummingbird’s flapping if it entered the field! it can only be used for self defense [though it can be used offensively if she’s defending herself.]

the second spell is called Tick Tock Forth. when when Clockwork turns her sword 45 degrees in the right direction of the clock, her own body speed accelerates inmensely, making her move extremely fast, almost too fast for a normal eye to see. this skill is only used in absolute emergencies, because it also makes her age rapidly. she’s only used this spell twice in her life.

overall she’s sweet, caring and a bit shy. she does not like crowds, so she tries not to stand out too much [not that she can, with that size!]. she also has a terrible addiction to junk food and cheese rich in fat.

for :iconfloraverse:
Chrono Ref Sheet by ShikkaTL
Chrono Ref Sheet


a Leech, he’s Clockwork’s knight master, a very loyal, experienced warrior, who works for the military in a large city, doing special missions.

his affinities are aura and spirit. he sacrificed his tentacles with magic in exchange of obtaining aura tentacles with the same functions, but far stronger than the original ones. needless to say, this was incredibly painful, but worth it!. these tentacles can extend further than the previous ones and can carry heavier loads. they can also wield weapons!.

leeches have invertebrate bodies, so he has an innate ability to fit in very tight spaces by compressing his body as tiger as a 2 inch  diameter tube. he can also use this to trigger his second ability. Chrono can enter a dead host’s body and possess it from the inside, allowing him to enter places unnoticed. this can only be used if the body is, again, dead, and if it is in a good enough condition to move. an easy way to kill an enemy without damaging the body too much is by suffocating it with his body. unless the enemies notice the petiquia in the host’s eyes, he will go unnoticed.

his attitude is calm and loyal, though rather strict and dominating. he loves clockwork deeply and would gladly give his life for her.

for :iconfloraverse:
im not sure about if i should post my vore artwork here or not
bassically there's aa lot of art [and i mean a lot] that i dont post here on DA, and that goes to FA instead. the rason is i dont think people have a ton of interest in it, but i might be wrong, so this sis why i am asking.
the last vore pic  i posted showed interest on it, but im still unsure, given that this is DA and that other website is FA.



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