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deviation in storage by kalamu
deviation in storage by cheshiresphynx


Johan Liebheart by orochi-rob

hoho. esto me gusto de veras :D aqui vamos. so yes, this artwork is AMAZING and shoould be even used as a featured deviation :D the "fluf...

Afternoon Brushing by TysonTan

wow, this is juch an amazing job!~ the colors and the glowing effect in the horn is simple awesome and the large comb makes a cute touc...

Animated Charizard by El-Sato
by El-Sato

la-critica-sera-hecha-en-ingles-para-que-todos-la-puedan-leer-XD this is such an AMAZING animation of a charizard.i love the softness i...

Go with the flow by Tatchu
by Tatchu

AMAZING! i love this pic so the shine and the background,and the fact this pic is WELL!BREAKING MY NECK LOL well,time for t...



Corset and Whip by ShikkaTL
Corset and Whip
Corset [Left] and whip [Right]. their real names are unknown. for floraverse.

twin sisters and partners in crime, the pair are experts in necromancy and hunting. they’ll be kind to others as long as they dont mess with their plans.

they will do anything to complete their necromancy spells, even if its illegal, even if it means killing others in order to do it. the only ones they wont kill are eachother.

Corset has a spirit/ice affinity, while Whip has a Spirit/ice one. both are capable of doing very strong spells of their element, and also raise the dead. then their heart collars stick together, both have the power to share their affinity with the other, and in combo do extremely powerful spells.

their spells focus on raising the dead, who do tasks for them. they can also see ghosts who roam the earth.

to cover their illegal acts, they make a living off building magic artifacts. shikka’s wind moon spear was made by them!

be nice, and they will surely not turn you into a helpless snake!!! that’s their favorite meal.
Pocha Reference Sheet by ShikkaTL
Pocha Reference Sheet


A fruit frog. cheerful, small, kind of childish and a bit hyperactive, she is Da’i’s sister, her fruit based off poha berry.

she’s not very strong, but she’s a good artist, making paintings for children books in an editorial. her affinity is earth and acid.both her affinities influence her personaliry somehow, and she ends up always getting hired for whatever she applies, for some reason.

her earth affinity is her main one, which grants her the power of accelerating the growth process of plants. this is specially useful since most of her food is plant based, and she needs lots of it.her hyperactive attitude makes her burn sugar alarmingly fast, so a steady income of fruit is needed. she can also use it as a means of defense, making thick wood grow around her, as long as she has the seeds for such a plant with her.

her acid affinity allows her to simpy change the aroma of her body to a delicious, fruity one, and her skin is covered by a thin layer of liquid that tastes like the fruit she’s resembling at that moment. this is specially useful when… attracting someone…

her fruit grants the user the same acid powers mentioned above.

she’s a bad fighter and weak, and has little to no combat skills, so she avoids dangerous areas whenever possible, if her sister is not with her for protection.

her favorite food are mangoes, and she often makes her aroma resemble that. even a kiss from her will give the reciver that taste in their mouth!

da’i and her are very silly together!
Pocha's Sister: Da'I reference Sheet by ShikkaTL

Da'I reference Sheet by ShikkaTL
Da'I reference Sheet

with the release of the fruit frog sheet i can finally post these!!!

Dai or Da’I, the fruit frog. sister of Pocha

abnormally large, and really serious on her tasks, Dai is a well recognized guard-for-hire. you’ll hardly find anyone as dedicated and protective as she is, at least, during worktime.

despite being a fruit frog, she’s extremely resistant to heat and can survive in deserts for long periods of time thanks to her fire affinity, which nullifies the effects of the sun. she wont sweat under heat. when angry, she can puff up her cheeks, filling them with hot air, then exhale it as very hot, steaming air. be careful, as prolongued exposition to this hot air can make your skin fall off. the condition is that she must have used a lot of energy beforehand to release the heat accumulated in her body.

Her water affinity affects her personality more than her powers, but she still can use one ability with it. used for hunting, Dai can pour  water in her mouth then make an extension of her tongue with it to grab prey or protect the persons or people she’s working with.

The water affinity affects her personality, making her pretty calm and shy. she doesnt talk a lot and even though she’s pretty dominant, she doesnt act like it, sometimes even showing embarassement when talking to someone she likes. still, she is very hard to overpower, and wont submit to anyone without a fight, wether they like the person or not.

eating her fruit grants the user waterbreathing, which can prove useful, and also modifies their digestive system so instead of leaving body waste, the user can blow hot steam from their mouth to release the heat and used energy inside the body.

other than her powers, she’s pretty good in hand to hand and sword combat.

she works as a bodyguard and mercenary. her personality hardly affects her job, and always keeps a firm posture when working on her task.

Dai enjoys sweets a lot. from where she comes from, sweet food is rare because it is not part of her plant-and-bug only culture, so whenever she has the chance to buy or even steal some, she does so right away. she also eats smaller creatures ocassionally, so she is kind of a threat to creatures much, much smaller than her, particularily feral cats, imps, some insects, and other frogs , though she’s always up for trying new things.

her Sister is Pocha, and they’re very silly together!

if i recall correctly, her name means yogurt in another language haha.
Da'i's sister: Pocha Reference Sheet by ShikkaTL

Paraline by ShikkaTL


a crystal drop. i dont know much to say about her yet, except she has a crystal affinity and a psi subtype. she stands at 2 ft tall, ears not included.

she works as a mercenary, often at mutton’s service.

her name comes from paraiba tourmaline!

im not sure about if i should post my vore artwork here or not
bassically there's aa lot of art [and i mean a lot] that i dont post here on DA, and that goes to FA instead. the rason is i dont think people have a ton of interest in it, but i might be wrong, so this sis why i am asking.
the last vore pic  i posted showed interest on it, but im still unsure, given that this is DA and that other website is FA.



That Snek From the Irc Chat
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Dominican Republic
Hello, welcome to my page! i hope you enjoy it.
if you got any non-request related questions, you can always send me a note

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