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deviation in storage by ManueC
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Johan Liebheart by orochi-rob

hoho. esto me gusto de veras :D aqui vamos. so yes, this artwork is AMAZING and shoould be even used as a featured deviation :D the "fluf...

Afternoon Brushing by TysonTan

wow, this is juch an amazing job!~ the colors and the glowing effect in the horn is simple awesome and the large comb makes a cute touc...

Animated Charizard by El-Sato
by El-Sato

la-critica-sera-hecha-en-ingles-para-que-todos-la-puedan-leer-XD this is such an AMAZING animation of a charizard.i love the softness i...

Go with the flow by Tatchu
by Tatchu

AMAZING! i love this pic so the shine and the background,and the fact this pic is WELL!BREAKING MY NECK LOL well,time for t...


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3:27 pm
Jan 28, 2015
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Jan 28, 2015
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Jan 28, 2015
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Jan 28, 2015
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Velvet the Giraffe  Roller by ShikkaTL
Velvet the Giraffe Roller

well ok i wasnt gonna post it now but w/e gonna reblog tomorrow morning


she’s Beignet’s pet and “house decorator”.

her patterns constantly change to new different ones based on her mood, and she likes to roll them on the walls! sometimes she begs beignet or Shikka [whoever is aviable] to clean the walls so she can apply new decorations. her design’s texture remind of cutting vinyl.

she’s very cheerful and energic and sometimes paints over shikka and beignet! she’s a silly goober.

for :iconfloraverse:        

Beignet the Singing Rabbat by ShikkaTL
Beignet the Singing Rabbat

Beignet (Floraverse)

sweet, caring, motherly, but rather antisocial, and very independent define her attitude.

beignet is a Singing Rabbat who is famous for her cooking shows on Compact-tv. this show is pretty famous in owel places where it can be transmitted.

Her affinities are Sound and earth. she’s completely immune to other negative sound magic, and she got a power of her own:

her voice can magically transmit a desired aroma via sound waves. when a receptor hears her voice and while the ability is active, they will be able to “smell” the aroma she is transmitting. this is what makes her show so famous. while she cooks her meals on National Compact-TV, anyone listening to her will recieve the delicious aroma of whatever food it is. for example, if she was baking a cake, the sound waves of her voice, charged with magic, would reach the receptors and let them smell the aroma of the cake in the oven!.

this power is heavily affected by her mood. generally, the better she’s feeling emotionally, the stronger the aroma will be, and the better will be the results. however, the sadder she is, even if she’s acting happy on the show, the worse the aroma will be. in the show its not hard to notice when she’s sador upset, because she will not use her power during these periods.

there’s also the case where if she’s Really Happy [after a Playful Session  with someone], the aroma can become addicting to species weak to sound magic. she does not intend to do that but it happens and it really increases the ratings of her show!

she can also use this power to defend herself from others. by yelling angrily at someone she can transmit the worst of aromas she can imagine. however, she also has a nose, so she must resist the smell as well!

her favorite food is red velvet cake and other dessert variants.

for :iconfloraverse:

Jazz Reference by ShikkaTL
Jazz Reference
Shikka’s beloved Bwee horse pet. he helps in keeping the harmony of shikka’s songs so they remain uninterrupted. his name comes from his sounds, that remind of a jazz trumpet. pressing the “buttons” on his back will cause him to unconcisiously produce a sound, even when sleeping! its kind of cute.

he also plays calm harmonious “jazz” songs.

Carmesi by ShikkaTL
A very powerful chimera whose job is taking the revenge of others and feed off the spiritual energy of the target. her family has been doing this for centuries. her affinity is earth/spirit.

her job starts with a person who holds a strong grudge agiainst someone. this person contacts her by offering an object of value or money to her and calling her name. if the grudge is justified, she will be summoned and will take the job upon accepting.

the job has a couple of conditions. first, carmesí must deem the job as acceptable. this means grudges that come from petty issues, for example, not being included in a sports team, are not valid. however, reasons such as getting scammed big time, harassed for years, shamed in public, or raped, for example, are valid.

second, the person who asked the request must die the same way as the target. that is, of course, when its their time to die.

once she finds her target, she’ll take their mind into a spiritual realm, which manifests as a tiny hell inside of the Wisp between her horns. the earth is distorted, and everything is manifested against the target. in there, she will finish the target off with one of her beads, which can turn into different spiritual weapons. the target is killed as many times as necessary until the physical body dies. it does not suffer any trauma, cuts, bruises or anything, since the target was killed spiritually. it would seem as if the target died of heart attack. there’s not a single evidence left of murder.

Carmesí feeds off the spiritual energy of the victim, which allows her to continue with her tasks. upon accepting a contract, she will be able to see a timer above the contractor’s head which tells her when they’ll die. her job is not complete until she kills the contractor. a fair deal, since they’ll be able to live their life until the end.

there’s a few conditions for using her powers as well: she cannot use her powers outside of her job, nor can use her for her own grudges, nor can kill certain people, including her family, nor can she tell others about her powers, or use them if the grudge is not legitimate (she can tell when a contractor is lying about their grudge)

outside of her job, she hardly goes to the public, or talks. when she does however, its impossible to tell she’s a murderer. she has a sweet, caring attitude, and sweet cherries are her favorite food.

for :iconfloraverse:
im not sure about if i should post my vore artwork here or not
bassically there's aa lot of art [and i mean a lot] that i dont post here on DA, and that goes to FA instead. the rason is i dont think people have a ton of interest in it, but i might be wrong, so this sis why i am asking.
the last vore pic  i posted showed interest on it, but im still unsure, given that this is DA and that other website is FA.



That Snek From the Irc Chat
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Dominican Republic
Hello, welcome to my page! i hope you enjoy it.
if you got any non-request related questions, you can always send me a note



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Hello~! :)
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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Shikka, Happy Birthday to you!
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Happy birthday!~
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